Magazines or Brands

Brands or just paper?

Brands or just paper?

The total numbers of all Dutch magazines got published. The most striking thing is that they are considered to be “good” or “bad” based on the printed edition.

Is it true that a magazine is a paper vehicle? Isn’t that the biggest mistake a business man can make, focus on the wrong numbers? We believe that a Magazine should be considered a brand, as do newspapers. Then we should not judge them by the number of printed editions. We look at the total impact and value of the Brand. The easiest thing to do: publish the online numbers. Which Brand is scoring online and found its way to connect the readers via the internet vehicle?

If we would take those into account, the line up will be very different. To start with the magazine Linda. They have a huge number of prints and increase. But online? They have a blog and 90% of their articles have zero reactions. That brand is in a danger zone. The opposite is true for the opinion Brand Elsevier.They have a very active group of readers. In the research published they are treated as a loser.

Let’s concentrate on the real war between the Brands. They are more than paper.


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