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social_triangles _Social War 2014 If you want to have a really good social media strategy and tactics, it’s important to have a good knowledge of your competitors. What distinguishes the best brands from the average ones is that the best brands know their target audience and competitors. A few years ago, social media was used by brands for no real reason. The reason they gave was: “They are doing it, so we should use it too”. Now they’re using it with a purpose. But how do you optimize social media? What suits your brand? What are your competitors doing? If you know your target and competitors inside out, the world of social media is open to you. We started the Social War research in 2011 and focused on the online behavior of 55 different fashion brands and their fans on Facebook. Social communication expert IIZT monitors these brands to improve and share knowledge. What do brands post, how do they interact and how do the fans respond? At IIZT we analyze the outcomes and use these to improve the social media approaches of our (fashion) clients. socialmedia-report-book This quarter again, we study about different fashion brands. This time we have chosen a couple of brands from each category to zoom into. Also the brands are divided into three categories: label, retail and sport. That way you can do a better comparison between competing brands. This year we will not only take a closer look at the brands on Facebook but we’ll also keep track of other social media like Instagram and Twitter. By interviewing a couple of fashion brands, we hope to get a clearer insight into the background of their choices and actions. If you want to know more about IIZT or stay informed call -020-6933131 of send an e-mail to The improvement of this Social War research will be done by Marjolein Labruyere as graduation of her study.


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