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I’ve been trying for a couple of months to get this Japanese Funriki bike. But it seems so hard. And that’s when I desire it even more.

Neglect, deny, act like you did not hear me. I want you even more. What a marketing strategy.


You’re always welcome at Prinseneiland. Call us and reserve time for a first date. 020-6933131 or mail


  1. Slate O.

    Thanks for attending and the great write-up. Just to clear up two things that appears might have been slightly lost in translation. The Rapha Continental set out to discover the beauty of North American roads, inspiring people to explore those roads vs. feeling they had to travel to Europe to find legends. It also started as a bit of remedy of the attitude that can accompany road racing- something we thought was missing in your local industrial park criterium was a sense of beauty and camaraderie.

    The JVA spoof site called us out for not thinking of women, but only as an afterthought. As I said, it took us six years to feel like we had our men’s range in a solid spot, four years ago we brought out our first women’s products- and started to also focus on building relationships in earnest, working to bring more women to the sport and culture. By no means an afterthought, but a different relationship and experience then many male cyclists.

    Be good.

  2. virginbrain

    Thank you Slate, I understand the difference now. I think your focus as a brand is admirable.
    I did get fooled by the sheet about the women and them being an afterthought. I must say that the site still reflects more of the masculine side of the business still. What I also saw in Frisco that the difference between men and women could almost be neglected. I mean, the cyclists looked pretty unisex ;-)
    Thanks again, I was very happy to hear a real Rapha guy tell his story.

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