Google World Index

Who needs leaders?We are all dictated by numbers. Where do these numbers come from? Inflation, exchange rates, unemployment figures?

Just think about how Greece could fool the entire European Union. It is a clear example how reliable numbers are, when power and politics get involved.

So how do you get honest numbers, where there is no camouflaging, making countries or companies look better? Just use the world’s biggest data generator, Google. Together we make the numbers and they can just be generated by summing up the facts. User Generated inflation numbers. Isn’t that what those numbers should look like. What would you trust more: inflation numbers that got collected by summing up Google indicators made by all users of internet, or the inflation numbers officially handed over by the Greek president?

See here what the future holds and how we will no longer be fooled. Or at least how fooling us will be made much more difficult. More democratic than ever.


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