Kill switch

I like leaders

I like leaders


Turbulence in the world. So much happening, ignited by real people like you and me. But the powers that be don’t know how to deal with it. They do not control anymore how we communicate with each other. And sure it is easy to start a fire with Facebook and Twitter. Just look at what’s going on in Egypt and Tunisia, the people can organize themselves easier than ever before in our history. Revolution in 1,2,3.

So Houston what to do about this problem? Imagine all around the world the masses demand a stepping down of the current leaders? Or if the voice of the masses is stronger than your own broadcasting of messages you want them to hear? Would you as a government or leader teach yourself how to deal with Social Media and how to try to manipulate this? No guarantees of course, but you can try. NO. You will just built a button. And you push it if what is happening on Social Media is not “liked” by you. We call it censorship. We call it limiting freedom. We call it postponing of what will eventually happen after all. Just this idea is worth a big riot. Never let this happen.

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