Stars and strips for Suit supply

Stars and strips for Suit supply

Finally a campaign that pays tribute to really old culture and modern way of dressing. It is a nice tribute to originality and the human taste for patterns. Respecting the human body and how we like to decorate or dress it. Well done Suit supply. The photo we picked, is one of a series. The other pictures are less interesting as they do not have the same deeper layer as this photo.

Watch here the links to the campaign. We would love to have made a social media extension for this, inspiring!


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  1. lili

    hey , I was the models on this pic , when I look at this work I feel proud of suit supply using culture to promote other part of fashion sense that people normally don’t understand . after so many years I m happy to have a look at this pic . thanks again

  2. virginbrain

    You should indeed be proud of this photo. We think it’s a sign of good taste. You look wonderful as well!

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