Social Politics

Elections and social media

Right after the summer holidays there will be new elections in the Netherlands. The times are changing. And everyday it seems that the change is faster than the day before.

Now with some crucial things happening like the euro crisis, immigration, insecurity about jobs and house prices, what will happen in Holland? We believe the winner will be the one that has the clearest and most tangible message combined with the aptitude in using Social Media and entering dialogues.

To give you an idea how powerful Social Media can be and how they can make or break you, we advise the following article. And then also watch how Rick Perry makes a statement and is made fun of afterwards. People will not only see your broadcasted message, they will react on it. Or even make their own message that puts you in a different light than you had intended. There is no control. There is just the need for an open and honest approach.

Rick Perry original message

One of the reactions to Rick Perry


Je bent altijd welkom op het Prinseneiland. Bel ons en maak tijd voor een eerste ontmoeting. 020-6933131 of mai

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