Score record engagement with posting vacancies. (Social War / week 20)

Vero Moda scores record engagement with posting vacancies, MS Mode let’s fans win and Louis Vuitton bares all. Fashion Friday #20


In our weekly Social War research we measure and analyze the online engagement of more than 70 fashion brands. The winners of this week are:


Vero Moda scores record engagement with posting vacancies.

We didn’t see this happen before, but increasing engagement by posting vacancies isn’t such a crazy thought. We live in a country with around 600.000 unemployed people. That can only mean one thing: either you are unemployed or you know someone who is. That means when a brand with over 2.5 million Facebook fans puts vacancies on display, they can expect a lot of responses. Being unemployed is and will always be a hot topic. Vero Moda knows this and rides that wave with a bunch of vacancies posted on their Facebook page in a very prominent way. With this they activate the attention of their followers to great heights.

IIZT - Social War - Fashion Friday 20 - VERO MODA

By publishing their vacancies on Facebook, the Danish fashion brand increases their engagement by 270% percent. This is the highest increase of last week.


MS Mode let their fans win a trip through Europe.

IIZT - Social War _ Fashion Friday 20 - MS Mode - 2

Europe is and remains a hot topic. But where their tripping over each other in The Hague and Brussels, the Dutch MS Mode gives shine back to those cities’. “Guess and win” campaign helps MS Mode to generate their engagement. Like we said before, these types of win promotions have been successful for years.

Simple to say, we like to win things. Especially, Dutch brands like WE Fashion and Miss Etam know how to do these kind of promotions. But remember that you have to put your own spin to increase the engagement. MS Mode gets this and posts the ‘guess’ before the ‘win’. Because you actually have to do something for a chance to win the city trip!

IIZT - Social War _ Fashion Friday 20 - MS Mode - 1

Ms Mode who where successful with their campaign for the everyday woman continue with this theme. With #FOLLOWCURVYBARBIE they posted 5 pictures of Curvy Barbie in European cities. Looking at the background of the picture fans had to guess where Curvy Barbie was at that moment. If it was correct, they could win a city trip or a beautiful dress. Those kind of posts could expect hundreds of responses.

MS Mode makes a smart move. They can not only count on a high engagement coming from their fans, but with every comment under the post the reach of the message increases. That effect worked on all five messages. Smart, simple and effective. MS Mode keeps riding the wave of previous success. They match the everyday woman to win promotions and doing that with an affective twist. They are really successful with this and their engagement increased with 273%.

Louis Vuitton bares all in exclusive storytelling event.


In a previous article we wrote about how brands figuratively and literally have to open up when they want to work with storytelling. This week Louis Vuitton is really successful by baring it all in an exclusive tour for a select company of loyal fans. For Les Journées Particulières LVMH Louis Vuitton opens up a couple of big workshops. The French brand keeps it all very exclusive. Because when your attempting successful storytelling, it has to fit the story of your brand.

IIZT - Social War _ Fashion Friday 20 - Louis Vuitton - 1

It reminds us of marketing done by other high-end brands like Ferrari. Just a select group of people their factory in Maranello opens up and by doing this only they get to be a part of the brand and their story. Together with Les Journées Particulières LVMH Louis Vuitton opens up the workshops for their fans, so they can see where and how their favourite brand gets produced. This happens in a select way, without mass invitations. Like a high-end brand does.

Also online Louis Vuitton know how to take advantage of this event online. It’s obvious that using offline events is a perfect way to increase online engagement. This is something the French brand uses and scores online. In collaboration with other successful brands they bring #JPLVMH to life. With this their giving their followers a look into their workshops.. This way they make it that attendees can further extend their brand story. Isn’t that one of our main bullet points in our storytelling article? When fans extend your brand story, people will find it to be more credible.

With Les Journées Particulières LVMH Louis Vuitton plays with a few online and offline tools. It combines exclusivity with a look behind the scenes. And also let an offline event to play a role in their online engagement.. That gives a quite high increase over 210%. The campaign done buy Louis Vuitton is as high-end as the brand itself.

De hype voorbij, het is de nieuwe mainstream
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Social War
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