Health: hart.volgers

To be the best in the health care industry you need not only focus on treatments and procedures. Communication with patients is at least as important.
For a team of top cardiologists in Holland we made an innovative strategy that aims at making them the best heart center of the Benelux. The industry relies heavily on bureaucracy and spread information via brochures. There’s a lot of pressure on time for the doctors and surgeons. The patients and their families however live in a different reality. It’s not just the procedure or their health that concerns them, there are a zillion things that cross their minds. Medication, reaction to it, sexuality, changed life patterns and much more than that. Also “ordinary” people don’t read brochures per se. They also interact online, with social media and they look for medical information via Google. The interactive platform hart.volgers is the first platform where you can find verified and monitored information in the field of cardiology and where you can ask open questions to cardiologists and other specialists.


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