The immaculate empire of the bunny was a part of Sanoma in The Netherlands. Playboy had huge competition of the internet. In the USA the databases are huge, in Holland people are in fact more interested in the local nudies and articles. Still all was concentrated on print. We helped Playboy to translate their quality format online. The site they had been using before, was a bit low class to put it mildly. There’s no need to have such an image, it did not match them. We totally revamped their site and look and feel. Visually, technically and commercially. A combination of their database as long ago as the fifties with changing beauty requirements up to the future could be seen. We did a daily quiz, stuff like hot or not and whose tits are these? Every new issue of the magazine got a special theme treatment. From Patricia Paay to Nicolette Kluijver. We saw them all from up close.


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