The online flight ticket shop Vliegwinkel.nl gained a lot of popularity. The travel market gained a lot of traction online. And more and more newcomers entered the market for online travel.
To build up the database with people interested in traveling, we made something new. A game, testing the destination knowledge and topography of the world. In a minute people were shown destinations in words. On the worldmap on their screen they had to tell with their mouse where the location was. As quickly as possible. The further you were off, the more kilometers were added to your score. So you had to be as close as possible to make a chance to win. It was very addictive. You want to try it as often as possible to improve your score. Every day winners were announced. It was a smart game, educational and a lot of fun to play. Every day the number of players doubled. As a novelty we made a foul play proof replay system. We could see it, by replay if people had cheated. Some wanted to win so badly that they played so many times till they new all destinations by heart and played it too fast and too faultless to be true. ;-)


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