MEN_at_WORK | Koninginnedag | Dancing Queen

War goal: engage fans before, during and after Queensday

Strategy & tactics: Facebook tab featuring our dancing Queen

Battle achievements: a funky dancing engaging experience

MAW | Queen

MAW | Queen

“You are the dancing queen, Young and sweet, Only seventy, Dancing queen, Feel the beat from the tambourine…” ABBA was right! Make the queen dance instead of just waving her hand..

Young & sweet just like the fans of MEN_at_WORK who loved to play with the queen in this dedicated Facebook app.. Launched just before queensday (for the non-dutchies – a national party which goes crazy and crazier every year..)

On their Facebook page you could select the actual wardrobe from their stores that the queen would wear during her birthday. Then you selected her music and dance. And up up up she went. Dancing the night away. Or rather electric boogeying the vinyl in the garagebox, spinning her head like a record player. What a lady!

The Dutch Don’t Dance, The Dutch Don’t Dance. So now we have proof that our Queen must have some strange blood running through her veins.


Je bent altijd welkom op het Prinseneiland. Bel ons en maak tijd voor een eerste ontmoeting. 020-6933131 of mai

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