First DM from IIZT

Wanna be my client?

It was the winter of 2002/2003 and we needed our first campaign to reach out to our target customers. At that “not so digital” era these were the classic advertising agencies. We decided that the only way to get near them, was to understand how they chose their current online producers and third parties. Being their friends. We found that networking and knowing each other was often the way to choose for production parties. Not very often was there some sort of rational process behind selecting partners.

And what do friends do, and what do you not expect from digital guys, like us? A postal card from their holiday addresses. We suggested to be on wintersport holidays with our monkey and wrote postal cards to our desired clients. We sent our cards from Switzerland, to underline the quality issue you might have experienced in the early internet days.

We stood out and it was fun to get through to most of them via telephone one week later. They knew we were different and some gave us a chance. We even got to produce some of the award winning online productions of the Netherlands. Nobody knows we made it, but it made our team proud anyway.

Looking back, it was very sweet and personable. And we got our first clients. Nice start for these newbies. At this moment we no longer have indirect clients. The knowledge and experience is one of our treasures and it translates better to direct clients.



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