Remembering with the utmost respect

RESPECTANCE, share your memories

respectancdeThe first Dutch internet startup to settle in San Francisco was this one. Dedicated to the biggest community on earth, those who are no longer with us. Not physically, but still in spirit. To offer all the opportunity to pay respect and keep celebrating their lives. And to remember the fun things we did together. Co-operating with big publishing houses in Holland, USA and Australia, the number of tributes and visitors quickly went up in the sky.

Campaigns, advertorials, reaching out.
island of princes is the publisher of Respectance and offers you the opportunity to be in contact with our network. Respectance is a very unique niche player reaching out to users all around. USA, Australia, Europe, Asia. We have users all over, joining in a respectful environment. For serious and fitting communication, please contact us


You’re always welcome at Prinseneiland. Call us and reserve time for a first date. 020-6933131 or mail

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