Patient empowerment. We just do it.

After having conceptualized and grown and managed hart.volgers, the first heart patient platform with 24/7 doctor questioning option, we have taken the next step. It’s called Streetdoctor. It’s a true patient empowerment platform that envisions to bring power to the patients. In our case mainly cardiovascular patients in the Netherlands.

Healthcare has gone increasingly complex and not everything is crystal clear. Patients are often confronted with subjects they never worried about in their earlier lives. And healthcare professionals also are often overwhelmed by new technologies, new rules and new bureaucracy. It’s not all sweet cherry pie, it is often also a foggy souffle. We mean, there’s so much going on, that it is hard to stay on top of things.

The less transparent things are, the more confusing it becomes. We believe that the best healthcare is the one where the patient feels well informed, feels listened to and feels like they have choices. And the industry at large needs to provide the same. We hope to contribute with our platform to that goal. Bring specialists and experienced patients together, invite institutes and governments. Show you videos and podcasts, do polling. And most importantly hope to have interaction with all those concerned. Maybe you. We believe that sooner or later you will profit from our efforts.

Right now we took a topic to the surface that was not heard of yet in the mainstream media. But it needs our attention, because it is symptomatic for the way we deal with healthcare in the Netherlands nowadays. Please watch this video.


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