Instant slim look at H&M

just back from holidays

Just back from holidays.

Tired of working out one hour a day? Still want to have a sexy date?

Hennes and Mauritz have the perfect tool to make you look slim. On top of that you can select the latest fashion and accessories.
My face is a bit tanned on this pic, I just got back from Malaga. And I also just waxed all my body hair. Bears are out according to the readers of Vogue magazine.

But seriously, I can change my skin color in the application. That is so correct. What about the different sizes though? Is H&M clothing only meant for skinny people with the body of a 18 year old?

I think that such applications might be used more by the heavy weights, as they will feel more uncomfortable in the dressing rooms.

Or is it imagination and should I learn from this former employee of L’oreal who told me that women spent 80% of their attention and money on their faces (above the neck). They do not see their real bodies. And in fact they all might think that they have a body, like we see in this application.

Anybody fancies a date? I give no guarantees once the clothes are off.


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