IIZT project at national TV news

IIZT = mainstream


Last Sunday, the 8 o’clock TV news of the Dutch State Television broadcasted our project. Right between the eyes, multimedia, on the NPO, while eating our TV dinners. IIZT and Hart.volgers (heart followers) on your tube.

Hart.volgers is a platform that brings together heart patients in a comfortable way. They can talk about what they’re going through, what they experienced already. Whether you had a heart surgery yourself, or you’re “just” family of them, the platform is open to everyone. It’s supervised professionally and with a lot of knowledge by specialists. In fact it’s almost a 24/7 consulting room where you can enter conversations with top cardiologists.

During the broadcast I saw my girlfriend immediately check herself. It’s a routine I’ve seen before. Scared and almost certain that she must have this disease as well. Searching what she’s destined to find. Fortunately, Hart.volgers (heart.followers) wants to be the destination where you can get professional and well founded answers to your questions. It fulfills an enormous need.

The site has already catapulted itself in less than two days after the announcement. Strategy, execution and the need of the target group are beautifully connected here. It’s a strategy ahead of its time. We did not build a castle, we made the first essential step. We’re aware of the claim of our client and send them in that direction. 

We fully support this marvelous concept. That this bunch of Dutch best cardio-dudes and dudettes acknowledge that communication is an essential part of the (future of) their trade, makes them winners. We’re proud of our prime time NPO position, making us look mainstream. As a club of rebels we never had this ambition. But then, lately rebels all over the world make headlines. The times are changing.


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