13 Social Media Fails

#13 – Burger King dares to ask the impossible from fans #NOT

Burger King

#12 – Inappropriate joke by Belvedere Vodka is very inappropriate

 Belvedere Wodka

#11 – Chrysler’s social media manager forgot to switch accounts before tweeting #fail

Chrysler Tweet

#10 – McDonalds’ Twitter campaign called “McDonalds Stories” gets an interesting twist by some followers.

McDonalds Twitter Campaign

#9 – Lotus F1 Team is not happy with Kimi Raikkonen leaving their team, and joining Ferrari.

Lotus F1 Team Raikkonen

#8 – Charities asking for ‘Likes’ instead of ‘help’.

 Charities Facebook Social Media


#7 – Promoting on social media. You’re doing it wrong.

Epicurious Boston


#6 – That moment when the follower is more creative than the creative director 

Pringles Christmas


#5 – Enough said about United Arab Emirates

Subaru United Arab Emirates


#4 – Azealia does not care about foxes, but her fans do.

 Azealia Banks


#3 – Only mexicans dream about tacos. And no, there’s no Taco Bell in Mexico. 

Taco Bell Dream


#2 – Susan Boyle invited her followers to a very intimate party via an interesting hashtag.

Susan Boyle


#1 –  Trending topics are ‘trending’ because of a reason. In this case #Aurora was trending because of a mass shooting, and not because of Kim Kardashian.

celeb boutique

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