User generated content brings sales

Sometimes a graph can make our point of view clearer than us describing it. This graph was created by Offerpop, they get the credits. The big learning is that using the content that your fans and customers make, is more important often, than your own created content. We almost dare to say, this can go as far as your own products and services. If your customers made it themselves, your sell will be much easier.

The main reason why embracing content of your users is smart : 92% of consumers around the world say they TRUST WORD OF MOUTH above all other forms of advertising. It’s a no brainer, that most brands find still enormously difficult to embrace. Share the love!

Only downside is that manipulating “users” to promote you can backfire at you. So remain transparent. The closer you are to your fans, the less you have to sell. They sell for you.


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