Amish – clans on facebook

Facebook seems pretty normal to most of us in the Western world. However, there are still groups that are new to this communication platform. We’re not talking about 75 year olds that are told how to play candy crush saga with their grand children. We’re talking clans that are hidden to us, but that are now finding their own clan on Facebook.

It’s very inspiring to see how clans that could not be reached by us, can now be followed via Facebook. The simple principle that you can keep your own traditions alive, while using Facebook as a platform is very interesting. And it makes you think, what clan do I belong to? Watching the Amish puts some mirror in front of yourself. What do you consider cool and uncool? Every clan has its own likes and dislikes.

Read the entire article on this topic here. More information on cyber Amish here.

On your way to friends

On your way to friends


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