Christmas Democracy

Christmas number 1

Traditions, traditions. Every year the audience got to hear via TV, supported by Radio, what the Christmas song of the year would be. The last years, that would be the Idols/Xfactor/Popstar winner’s song. You could not escape it, and independent thinking would not help.

Internet has changed that. It is like the yearly event where a different song is sung. A lot of people will be annoyed and will not understand what happened. Why is the obvious song not being played?

This year a British couple used Facebook to make a statement against the British Christmas song of the year. Not the talent show winner won, but Rage Against the Machine with Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me. How appropriate. Enough people picked up the signal via the first democratic medium. Other Facebookers spread the word and they all legally downloaded this song. 500K times. That is a number one.

It’s life, Santa, but not as we know it.


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