Cyber War

stuxnet is the newest weapon

stuxnet is the newest weapon


An interesting fact that did not get a lot of attention in our press, but should have: wars are happening in computers. Computers and consequently nuclear power plants in Iran have been attacked by cyber worms. If you want to win a war, you always have to be technologically more advanced than your opponent. That is how the USA brought Japan down. And this seems to be the new tactic of a small country defending its right of existence. They need to stay ahead of all the others.

So the new way to win a war seems to be with computer viruses or other malware. It is very interesting to see how wars might be fought via online networks, or external gadgets. Will USB sticks become weapons of mass destruction? This article gives some explanation of what is happening behind the scenes of world politics. Will the strongest countries on earth be those who have the best hackers and computer savvy citizens? Not those with most muscles or who can run hardest?


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