Internet Is Zero Tolerance – these four words describe what we stand for at IIZT and it has been our mission for the last decade. Today the web is at risk of losing its Zero Tolerance factor.

The existing Internet protocols were designed to make the networks of the Internet non-proprietary and interoperable. They avoided “lock-in,” and allowed for contributions from many sources.

This openness is why the Internet creates so much value today. Because it is borderless and belongs to everyone, it has brought unprecedented freedoms to billions of people worldwide: the freedom to create and innovate, to organize and influence, to speak and be heard. Zero Tolerance.

Starting in a few hours, a closed-door meeting of the world’s governments is taking place in Dubai, and regulation of the Internet is on the agenda. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is convening a conference from December 3-14 to revise a decades-old treaty, in which only governments have a vote. Some proposals could allow governments to justify the censorship of legitimate speech, or even cut off Internet access in their countries.

Watch this video:

Take action:
Stand up and open your voice for an open and free Internet. You can find various organizations that are organizing petitions. We have used Google’s to do so.

Join us and keep the web open & Zero Tolerance.


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