Rapha scores online with their female followers (Social War #17)

In its niche market (cycling), the online very popular Rapha scores high this week in our Social War research. It speaks to a new, female target group successfully and raises its already high engagement. This week in Social War, the female side of the tough Rapha.


Successful in a niche market
When IIZT started with the Social War research in 2012, Rapha was immediately a brand that drew our attention. With a relatively small group of followers, they are able to realize a very high engagement. The brand has collected a very loyal group of enthusiastic and proud cyclists around itself. Rapha succeeds like no other to connect with their followers by the love and pride of cycling. We previously discussed our love for Rapha at IIZT.com.


Staying on top
Reaching the top is quite the achievement on its own, but staying there is possibly even harder. Rapha does this by speaking to a new target group. The brand now also clearly focusses on the female cyclists. Cycling has never been so popular with women as it is now, and Rapha uses this development to its own advantage. This years, the brand reveals its Women’s Road 2015 collection and organises a worldwide ‘Women’s only’ ride.


Rapha Women’s 100
In the week of april 10th to april 17th, our Social War research sees a PTAT growth of 137%. This in a week where the brand is clearly speaking to their female followers. Rapha does this with, amongst others, the Rapha Women’s 100, a yearly returning ride for female cyclists. Rapha encourages women around the world to make a cycling ride of 100 kilometers. The website of Rapha functions as a meeting place in this, where people can sign up for certain routes or create one themselves. By interviewing Priscilla Calderon this week, Rapha put the women in an extra spotlight.


Changing target groups
Where many sports brands naturally focus on their male followers, different fashion sports brands are now slowly moving towards their female followers. Earlier we saw Puma appointing Rihanna, and adidas does the same with Rita Ora. Rapha also sees the potential of its female followers and addresses them, very successfully.

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Social War
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