Social War: Top 3 best achieving brands Q1 / Q2 2015

We’re already six months into 2015. During these months, three brands excelled in the online world. We reward these brand as the true Social Warriors they are. Below you’ll find the online winners for the first half of 2015.

In an earlier article we already discussed the online ‘Half Year Trends’ of 2015.


  • Choosing mechanisms
  • Customizing
  • Celebrities
  • Snapchat
  • Storytelling

But what are the brands that have used these trends the most successful this past half year?

Best brand social war

  1. Converse

The American fashion brand Converse is completely redefining itself, with a set of two campaigns where there’s simply no way around. The engagement of Converse has been far above average consistently all year long.

In 2015 Converse enrolled two very successful campaigns.

Best brand social war


  • Made By You
  • Converse Rubber Tracks

Best brand social war

Made By You
The Made By You campaign was already discussed in an earlier Social War article. The campaign was all about the hundredth anniversary of the legendary Chuck Taylor shoe by Converse. By the use of off- and online marketing channels, there was no escaping the campaign. Read the entire article on Made By You here.

Best brand social war
Converse Rubber Tracks
Converse also threw a big party with 40 starting bands for their Converse Rubber Tracks. Rubber Track is, just like Made By You, an ongoing campaign. Four years earlier, Converse opened a permanent studio for upcoming bands. This time, it opens 12 legendary studios all over the world to the public. Read the article we wrote on Converse Rubber Tracks here.

With Converse Rubber Track and with Made By You, the brand opens up for their followers. Converse knows how to party and isn’t afraid to do so with their fans. The brand knows how to make people feel part of something and to work together on an (online) identity to be proud of. Only this is already worth the praise. To us, Converse is one of the biggest winners of 2015. A true Social Warrior.

Best brand social war

  1. G-Star Raw

After a slow start of 2015, the Dutch jeans brand G-Star Raw is racing accross the digital highway. With two balanced and very effectively chosen and executed campaigns, they never fail to get high scores in our Social War research. How does G-Star Raw do it, week after week?

Best brand social war

G-Star also scores with two campaigns already.

  • #tightorwide
  • G-Star Raw & Afrojack

Best brand social war

With #tightorwide G-Star Raw shows they know the art of choosing mechanisms and how to speak the language of their followers. By simply putting their followers for a relevant choice, they create an impulse in their engagement. Because every comment online makes for an enlarged reach of the followers. As people are talking about jeans nowadays, the only question counting is: Tight or wide? Do you wear skinny or baggy jeans? The power of the campaign is in its simplicity. It is a combination of the interest and knowledge of your targetgroup all combined in a simple question that knows how to hit the right spot. The best campaigns are often the simplest. Would you like to read more about the #tightorwide campaign and go more in depth about the choosing mechanism at other fashion brands? Read our earlier article on G-Star Raw here.

Best brand social war

Afrojack’s sunglasses
Nick van de Wall, 1987, Spijkenisse. Better knows as DJ Afrojack, Nick has been going for years in the worldwide dj top. He has millions of admirers worldwide and for brands that makes him ‘ a force to be reckoned with’. With the collaboration with Afrojack, G-Star found a good partner to pull up to. With over 2 million likes G-Star Raw isn’t a small player at all. But with 8 million followers, Afrojack is more than four times as big as the dutch fashion brand. By engaging Afrojack in the brand and the collection, G-Star automatically takes Afrojack’s followers to their own account. We already wrote an article on the collaboration between the brands, and you can read it here.  

Best brand social war

  1. Miss Etam’s successful communication in rough times

The past year have probably been the hardest in the existence of Miss Etam. But those are the moments a true Social Warrior arises. Reaching big accomplishments  while being in heavy weather is truly something to be proud of. And this is exactly what Miss Etam has shown these past few months.

Best brand social war

As the third Social Warrior we choose Miss Etam and her followers. Where Miss Etam had the courage online to communicate openly about their rough patch, their followers embraced the brand in times they needed it. After the bankruptcy, the negative publicity and everything except positive social media, Miss Etam dared to move forward. The brand came out with a message online. We’re still here. For you. The followers of the brand embraced this message and gave it the support they think was deserved. A classical example of the power that social media has if you dare to use it fully.

Best brand social war

Would you like to read more about the online communication of Miss Etam? Read the article we wrote about it here.

Social War
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