Eleven years of IIZT

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Eleven years of IIZT. In internet time that’s almost a century. And in a century a lot can happen. Let us run you through our simplified story.

Thankful for the clients we got to work with. Without clients there’s no business. Once upon a time we started with  Club Nokia to take care of the experience around their fans. Nokia was not about the phone, but about their users’ lives. We used to work mainly as the creative and online production company for larger advertising agencies. This way we won some nice awards, indirectly. It was inevitable that we had to service clients directly and make them more successful.

Colleagues came and went, and staid. The past eleven years quite a number did swim in our pool. Little fish, pretty fish, squid, sharks and even one jelly fish. Nobody was worse off after having been with us. There even were companies started, TV producers, competitors, photographers and coaches. The sea only has gotten more diverse and beautiful.


Market developments went fast. From Nokia to the smartphones. From visiting sites on Explorer, to mobile first and even tablet apps. Flash was a prerequisite once, that seems weird now. And everywhere and always online, that was realized within these eleven years. And not just the geeks, young to old changes behavior. Hyves came and went, and Facebook came and….

Economy wise: we experienced two crises. We are accustomed to being sober and not spent foolishly. We got founded in the low period of the economy, 2002. Doing a lot with little, is somewhat our DNA. The results will be nicer, as making small steps is quite the belief in the market nowadays.

So now we are in our second decade. What will we focus on? What changes do we deem necessary to stay relevant?

The requirements for an agency to conquer another decade:

  1. be even more flexible
  2. speed at picking up new developments
  3. stay result oriented, anything can be measured 
  4. keep on doing benchmark/research
  5. relationships and people, that’s the core
  6. perfect blend between one pitters and classical agencies

Why a brand should work with us:

  1. tell the story of a brand
  2. collect the fans around your brand
  3. understand the value of your fans 
  4. mining that value
  5. embrace the process of trial and error

For failure can be wonderful. Not as a goal in itself, but as a step toward better understanding the fans around your brand.

Also this decade we’ll meet some failures. The major part will be filled with successes. Altogether this is what it is, IIZT. Stay ahead.

This logo with the 11 was designed by Pawel for our celebration month.

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