Facebook Advertising, do or don’t?

Advertising on Facebook

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Promoting your brand, product or service is getting more complex nowadays. In fact, we’re more and more promoting our communication. Please listen to me. So much to tell, so little do listen.

When it comes to advertising on social media, or just on Facebook, a lot is new. New knowledge, new thinking, new possibilities, new skills. That’s all on the side where we can have some control still. But what we do not control, things like new algorithms, new rules by Facebook, makes it very hard to predict what your outcome will be.

As rule of thumb we always used to say, that you have to grow organically, so your quality of fans remains intact. If you make quick growth, most likely it will kill your quality of fans. If you just like to see big numbers, you’ll be happy. But Facebook has in its calculations that if you’re less relevant to your audience, you will be less visible. Also to those who care for your brand. This will mean one thing in a nutshell. You’re killing your value, and you’re paying for it. So you give money to Facebook to degrade yourself.

Of course, it’s a simplification of how it works. But trust us, if you really want to grow in a smart way, it means you have to focus on quality of fans. Not quantity. How to do that? Hard work, smart ideas, relevance, and listening to your fans. Treat them like you would treat your own friends. It takes time to build relationships. If you just go for more and more friends, your real and true friends will leave you. Though they’re your roots of power. That’s another side effect.

Read this research here. And the Dutch blog that wrote about it, is here.

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