Facebook depression infection

"Depression" by BettinaminaminoStudies show that especially teenagers are prone to depression using Social Media. There are already some cases of kids who committed suicide after being bullied on Facebook.

Can Facebook infect children with depression? We read an interesting article. If you read a bit further you see that the depressions are being worsened by Facebook. And a lot has to do with the parents not understanding what their kids are doing online. They simply never experienced it themselves and they use Social Media in a different way. They do know that kids get teased at school and that you have popular kids and outcast. Teenagers like to flock together around the most popular.

Facebook magnifies this principle. Kids find it normal to put annoying messages on the wall of unpopular kids. And on top of that on Facebook kids feel heavy competition. They think quantity, not quality. The more friends the better. And you should show as much as possible how active you are with friends via status updates and you should be tagged in as many photos as possible.

That is an upward hill battle for already depressed kids. The best solution is to make their parents aware of what is going on. In the end Social Media do offer mainly positive possibilities, connecting with friends and family and exchanging ideas are some of the most important.

The pretty original drawing can be found herehttp://bettinaminamino.deviantart.com/art/Depression-75122910?moodonly=178


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