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Do not hide, share!

Do not hide, share!


The Facebook privacy policy is way longer than the US constitution. I am not sure if it is also longer than the EU “constitution”. But since Facebook opened up a lot of its information to make new ways of networking online possible, a lot of protests have started. Some groups are concerned that their privacy is at stake. And it is true that if you like to have the highest possible privacy of your information on Facebook you have to push and change a lot of buttons. But it is possible to do.

The real question here is again, what is the core concern here? I think the issue is that there are people trying to keep things the way they are, and people who want to push things further opening up new ways, new methods, new options. Why be on Facebook and then be concerned about privacy? It is like complaining there is nothing going on on TV in the old days, there is an off-button too! If you are concerned about privacy it does not really make sense to be on Facebook, or even be on the internet. Ask the Chinese how you can control mediums. It is a day task.

I believe that Facebook is really open that they are changing and it is positive to see that they are morphing so quickly in new forms continuously. That is the model of the future, always change, always adapt, always try new things. Staying the same, being predictable, and becoming obsolete is a dead concept. The only constant is change. Be part of it, or do not participate and live in your castle mesmerizing about the good old days. The future can be so exciting, just do not be afraid.


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