Gay in USA

Gaystream is mainstream

Gaystream is mainstream


One big trend or breakthrough is happening in the rather conservative US of A. Though the don’t ask, don’t tell was kind of the behavior when it comes to non-heterosexuals, there has been a public change. Military men and women and transgenders are now allowed to say they’re gay. Loud and proud and out and all that.

But also in the biggest movie hits and especially in TV dramas the gay thread is being used more and more. Will and Grace were there, we had seen the Brokeback Mountain. But now it is almost becoming as compulsory to have a gay character in your show, as it is to have a blond girl and dark haired guy in it. Will it become politically correct one day, to not just have advertising with a Chinese, White skinned, Dark skinned, Latino etcetera in the photograph or commercial, but to also add to these a lesbian, a gay guy, a transgender and what more. To be continued.


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