Black and White Food

Black and white M&M's

Black and white M&M’s

Color is not cool anymore. We need black and white. Well that is when it comes to food. Adding coloring to food and candy will become less and less tolerated. A big lobby is busy to forbid coloring and other adding of fake stuff. They want that because of health.

The paradox is now: what is more important? Health or Enjoying? We know the case of cigarettes. I dare to say that health goes way over enjoying there. The risk is too big. But now when it comes to adding colors to food, it is also part of our experience. People like colors and that is why they enjoy the taste more. Like this lady and her blue M&M’s. If you take away the color of a lot of products, it does not taste good anymore. That is because taste is not just tongue, but also seeing, feeling, smelling and maybe hearing. How unhealthy are color addings and how important is it to Enjoy things? A life without joy and sensations would that be a life worth living?


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