Limewire Squeezed

limewire squeezed

limewire squeezed


A big hit was given to Limewire, a peer to peer service to share files. The US court decided that they do not prevent their users enough from sharing illegal files. Illegal files in this case are for instance music mp3’s that you make available for others to download.

All Limewire did is put in their service statement that it is forbidden to download such files. Since Grokster got condemned most sharing services stopped or changed their service. Limewire did not do more than make statements in their policy.

Still it feels like the state of Holland is being punished because people get murdered on its territory, and that putting in Dutch law that murder is forbidden is simply not enough. Bit sour comparison, but I feel that the public idea about the concept of copyright etc has changed enormously since the internet has been widely used.


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