Long live the medical technical revolution!

Since World War I, rapid technological change has brought a range of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies to the health care system. These technologies improved physician performance, education of future physicians, and access to medical information.

Today, new tools such as mobile apps, social networks, and shared databases continue to improve the quality and availability of healthcare.


Technological change involves invention and adoption. Decisions concerning the adoption of medical technology fundamentally affect the pace of innovation in medicine.

Do health providers adopt fast enough or do they stay behind? How open minded are they towards new technology and co-operating with experts in technology and social communities?

In our opinion they don’t have a choice. Especially with the recent attention given to rising health care costs. Medical technology and social prevention is a critical element in the quality and cost of health care.

Social prevention? Yes, in such a connected world it is not only key to embrace new technologies to prevent and treat health issues. It is as important to bring patients together to share information and experiences in a safe and trusted environment. Easy to access and use.

The last year we’ve been working on such a solution, soon launching. Curious? Stay tuned on iizt.com or one of our social networks.

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Raldo Loijens

(below various examples of existing apps and new medical technology that shifts health control and monitoring)

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