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Always when I visit my friend in Los Angeles, one of the things I look forward to is Netflix. Watching cool stuff on his TV, episodes of fun comedy shows or the best movies. It already became clear that TV is just a display of content YOU want to see, and not a box that streams stuff that others have planned for you. I believe he does not even have a “normal” TV connection. He just wants quality, not visual muzak to enter his brain.

Youtube has already made it clear that many people prefer to control what they watch. Young kids and people from a different cultural background from the country they live in, have a preference for this channel. It allows them to watch their favorite shows that have no chance of being broadcasted by a commercial or state television of their country of residence.

Now Netflix is finally coming to the Dutch people. This will shake the content and broadcasting system once again. Having more control over what you’re watching, will change the game for the current major players. In the graph attached from you can see how the times and behavior are changing and what circle Netflix has been going through in comparison with AOL.

aol vs. netflix march 2013

After reading the book “be the worst you can be” by Charles Saatchi, the  question that remained in my thoughts longest, was his favorite horror movie. It is “celebrity big brother” or even “big brother” in general. I could not agree more. What might even be more horrific is the fact that others, or “professionals” as they see themselves, think that they can determine what you should be watching with your family. Do we really want to see pulp like this? We do not have a bigger need for quality? I have faith that eventually we will be able to control the things that enter our lives. More and more people also determine the music they listen to. Be it with ipods, or via spotify and other streaming services. The need for DJ’s that talk and make “jokes” in between songs is becoming smaller. The musical preferences of our friends and reference groups, niches, are becoming more and more important. Mass communication is changing rapidly, thanks to the internet.

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