New business model: alcohol and undies delivery

alchohol underwear

To find new business models that really go out of the box, you better watch to the USA. Or even better California and LA. That’s where so many trends come from. In Europe/Holland we often despise it, to find it going mainstream five to ten years later in our own habitat.

We have totally accepted things, we used to hate at first, like:

-calling from your car

-drive in restaurants

-fast food chains


-fitness and muscle building

-plastic surgery

-fake tits

-soya skinny latte and coffee to go

-rap music

-apple products

and of course things like FUCK, awesome, OMG.

On the contrary, the only thing that really seems to have had an impact on American culture coming from Europe is dance music and raving. Other examples anybody?

Anyway, here’s a new business model that starts this Friday in LA. There an alcohol company and an underwear company have joined forces, to come up with an explosive cocktail. Saucey, an L.A.-based alcohol delivery app, and MeUndies, an L.A.-based company that sells underwear, have teamed up to bring you your favorite liquor and clean underwear. The two necessities will be put together in handy Sleepover Packs. 

If you order on Friday, there’s a fair chance that you will be served by the actual underwear models in underwear only. Tip is included. And you will receive your order within 20 minutes.

Now we think that’s a great concept, really thinking from the consumer as a focal point. It avoids the product centered trap. Still there’s not a big chance that this concept will be in Holland anytime soon. Even if everybody knows that sex sells, right Amsterdam? But we would commit a murder, just to embrace the concept of delivering within twenty minutes after ordering. That principle sounds like the sexiest concept of the century for Holland.

Read the funny and smart article from the LA Times here:


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