Nickelson everywhere

Nickelson is popular

What is fashion, what is clothing?

What is marketing, what is communication?

Very interesting discussion happening on a street magazine for hipsters, that analyzed the Nickelson shiny coats with fur and that can be seen all around the country.

The discussion shows exactly where the invisible line runs through society. A lot of advertising agencies know what is hot and cool. But the majority of the population thinks totally different about that. Who determines what’s hot and what’s not?

A direct clash between those who think second hand clothing is totally hot and those that rather wear a fur collar on their coat. Should you be ashamed of your success, or should you laugh hard at those criticizing you? What if UGGs would have been Dutch, would we also have laughed at this brand?

I think that Nickelson understands the majority of Holland really well. And it does not necessarily have to a pretty reality.


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