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stop printing, use ipad

In Holland the management of cities and villages are considering to introduce iPads for all decision makers and influencers. This is done in a time where big budget cuts are needed and expected. Question is now: is it a viable investment to give all clerks iPads? The short conclusion is: yes, it can be very viable. What are the main changes needed to make this an economically wise decision?

1. kick out all printers

2. stop printing and start reading from iPad

3. abandon all courier services

4. automize and digitalize the entire document and information flow

In my opinion, the chances that this will happen is as big as asking a junkie to stop using drugs. Because we are all addicted to paper still and our brain is used to the paper way of working. Going the only digital way, which is very durable, will be very hard for individuals. Cold turkey or a gradual stop of paper and ink use? We can learn a lot from the Betty Ford clinic in this matter. It will be more a psychological, behavioral and social experiment, than an economical decision.

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