Social Art

Making art together

Making art together


There are a lot of famous places in the world. These are the places you must have seen, because everybody talks about it.

We are more interested in seeing the actual place or object than in the local culture and behavior. Still we all see the same, take the same picture of the same object. Pretty lame.

But now there is an artist who has combined all those “unique” experiences into one beautiful piece of art. Combining all those different photos, you get an image that almost looks like a painting.

Here we see the Taj Mahal, but if you click here, you get to see all the usual suspects: Eiffel tower, Windmills of Holland, Colosseum and even Mecca. Thank you for social art, a lot of ugly pictures combined make a great image. Minus and minus is plus. Social is cool!

Thanks to Corinne Vionnet for a great vision to look at our present society.


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