Teenagers say Facebook is dead

Facebook is dead

The gauntlet has been thrown. In social media universe that is. A 13 year old wrote a blog on Mashable to explain why her generation thinks Facebook is dead meat.They use things like instagram, vine, twitter and snapchat. Facebook is for parents. On top of that Facebook is not a safe environment for them. Because mums can be present on your wall, and a friend could post just the wrong picture of you. Which would mean trouble in real life. Read the entire article  here.

In a nutshell, these are the reasons she brings why Facebook is not for teenagers.

  • Facebook is something these kids wanted when they were too young. Now they already use platforms that their parents do not know
  • On Facebook your family is present. Very uncomfortable.
  • On the networks they use (instagram, snapchat, vine) their parents are not present
  • Facebook was fun for playing games on parents account when younger, now
  • Facebook has become very commercial firing advertising at you between what you really want to see
  • Facebook does makeovers, that are not requested and where the audience was not asked for input. Where’s the old Facebook?
  • Facebook does not seem interested in its users, they decide
  • Teenagers only want to do stuff that is trending. Facebook is not.
  • Facebook is for old people and their friends. They need their own environment too.
  • At Facebook your friends can make you look worse than you are, leading the repercussions from parents
  • Facebook shows things to people, you do not want to share with them
  • Facebook is used for bullying and thus a danger field.
  • Facebook has become too complex. Youngsters like simplicity. Three buttons or so.
  • Facebook tries too hard. Kids like to do the opposite and hate it when people try too hard.

All these reasons mean that Facebook is not cool. In the eyes of a 13 year old.

Stuff to think about. Also for brands that are embracing this target group and might miss them completely when using the wrong channel. Call us if you want to know more on our vision of how to make a sure hit. 020 6933131.

Picture used is from Gawker, that has a blog post that is also quite interesting on Facebook.


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  1. Martha

    Is facebook really cool for anyone anymore? It’s a giant advertizing platform where fb pushes feed you don’t want, and companies post all sorts of things in the hopes of getting our eyes.

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