Textilia. The biggest fashion brands on social media.

Last week the fashion trade magazine Textilia published an article with out weekly research after the best performing fashion brands on social media. Textilia is the trade magazine directed at the Dutch fashion entrepreneur.

Read below (in Dutch) what we discovered. If you have any questions, please let us know. We also love to hear your adjustments and improvements.


A short introduction of the article:

Having most fans on social media, doesn’t automatically lead to the highest engagement of followers. That can be concluded from the ‘Social War’-report on the first quarter of 2016 by online communication agency IIZT (‘east’), that researches the performances of brands on social media. by Rosita van der Kwaak.


de beste modemerken van 2016 op social media

Every week we measure the input and output of more than 70 fashion brands worldwide. We measure Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube en Snapchat where possible.

Why do we measure so many brands? We believe in results and doing what makes sense. Building on your own power and identity is most important. However, you can learn so much from what others do right and wrong. We’re more alike than we might think. In our world so many gurus say the wildest things about social media. We dose this with a bit of down to earth attitude. What actions will most likely make you a winner? If this suits your brand, let us know. We’re always looking for new jobs. 020 – 693 3131.


De hype voorbij, het is de nieuwe mainstream
IIZT publiceert regelmatig findings uit het Social War onderzoek. Blijf op de hoogte en stuur je e-mail naar richard@iizt.com or svetlana@iizt.com of bel ons op 020 – 693 31 31.

Social War
Social war is het ongoing onderzoek dat IIZT doet onder meer dan 70 modemerken wereldwijd. Het signaleert de do’s en de dont’s voor merken op social media. Iedereen in de communicatiewereld roept en blogt over social media. Wij staven alles met feiten, zodat je ook echt kan leren van elkaar. De hype voorbij, het is de nieuwe mainstream.

IIZT Amsterdam is al 13 jaar leider op het gebied van communities, branding en interactieve communicatie. Wij hebben werk gedaan voor adidas, KLM, H&M, Mitsubishi, Miss Etam, UGG, G-Star, Livera, hart.volgers, Respectance, adidas, Defensie, Men at Work, Cliniclowns en meer. Bel ons voor een kennismaking 020 – 693 31 31.


You’re always welcome at Prinseneiland. Call us and reserve time for a first date. 020-6933131 or mail richard@iizt.com

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