We can’t get no satisfaction

Recently I came up with the thought that having grown up in an era where video games ruled your life, and the lives of your peers, must have created some side effects throughout your life.

Let me clarify this thought to you.

Today, it seems that people (the – & + 30 something’s) change their possessions, careers and relationships as if they were ‘just another level’ in their old-school Super Mario Bros game.

Super Mario Bros

Heck, a couple of bonus points, love potions and extra lives will do the trick.

Well, maybe I exaggerate a bit… But, sometimes it looks and feels this way. Let us focus on one side of this story;


When you’re in a bar you look for the specs that are most important for you. At the same time, online dating feels similarly like scrolling through the garage of Need For Speed.

Are all the variables correct and to your liking?

Yes? One date further you start looking for downsides of that person as if he/she’s appears in your in-game car shop…

Date 3: hmmm, let’s get one with some more acceleration, breaking power, stability, and of course appeal..

Who doesn’t like to tweak his/her cars in such a way they appeal to their liking??

The downside is that you start replacing, swapping and shouting ‘NEXT!?’ until there are no cars left in the real life. Read: dates, career switches and all that’s important to you.

At a sudden moment you’ve driven them all (or most of them) and then there’s this question; ‘is there a car out there that could really satisfy my needs?’.

Satisfaction seems key in this. Are we satisfied? Or is there more to offer in this ‘all you can eat’ economy?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

In the game world you just drive your ‘OK’ car until you’ve earned enough points to buy another one. How realistic is a new better faster car in the real life? That could be a pretty long drive.

Due to our collective gaming mentality we never get satisfied until we’ve finished the whole game or have been ranked no. 1.

In order to get there, you’ll have to drive various cars and stick with the one that works best for you.

In such a connected world, where it’s possible to get anything you want from anywhere you want – when is satisfaction satisfied? How do brands jump into this never-ending search for satisfaction? Wait, they already do… As was the Apple iPhone some years ago an exclusive wanna-have item. Today we see them getting launched in the Star Wars colors and a cheaper (more accessible version) in the same colors as your Crocs

Iphone 5s Crocs Shoes

And for what reason? To provide one thing: satisfaction.

Satisfaction with a short lifecycle though, because read my typed words;

Within a year you want another color, a better camera, one that lasts longer, more and more… just like your car in Need for Speed.

Ok, to be frank I don’t treat every element in my life as a bonus point/new level/upgrade. But I sure do see the side effects it has on consumption, relations, career paths, and more.

This is what makes us thing about the current consumption era. Also for brands who target this generation. And might miss them completely when using the wrong channels and messages. Call us if you want to know more on our vision of how to make a sure hit. 020 6933131.

.. Remember this one?


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