Why do brands make content?

On a daily basis a lot of professionals create content for the brands they represent. On a daily basis we at IIZT follow brands and talk to professionals to understand their motives for creating content. It’s striking to see that the main urge of brands still is broadcasting.

You might expect that in these times where making content, sharing information, finding interesting hooks is easier than ever before, and where technology that gives you superpowers as a professional is widely available, also the reasons why we create content might have made a big development. When we read this very interesting article by Pam Dyer, we were rather shocked by one of the diagrams (see below).

reasons for content

We read in this top 3 of reasons for curating content that they all pretty much resonate broadcasting. Number 1 “establishing thought leadership” is very brand-ego driven. I want to show them that I know so much about this subject. Number 2 “increase brand visibility” is more of that same cooking. I want them to see me even more often. And number 3 is “boost seo”. Pretty much means that articles are written with exactly the right words, so their seo scores go up when others search them.

The article by Pam Dyer is really worth reading and gives some good infographics (see below). However, we really hope that in two years time the reasons why brands curate content will be more customer driven. We think the world would be a better place and the brands that realize a customer driven mindset, also when creating content, will be the winners. It is so much nicer to talk to somebody that is interested in you and your passions. Or do you enjoy talking to people that see your conversation as the perfect way to show their knowledge and have as one of the other character traits that they want to make sure that you do not miss them at the party. And if you did not notice them, they will pop up in different corners, everytime you ask a question.

If that is too abstract, this would be a wonderful top 3 with reasons why to curate content.

1. you want to help your clients to be a better person, have a nicer life or something to that extent

2. you want to find out what your customer likes in life and is lacking at the same time

3. you want to stimulate your fans to participate and bring you and your brand further



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