Zeeman is turning green. Converse and millennials.(Social-War/ Week-10)

Weekly we measure Facebook engagement and pick up 3 leaders. Here they are:

Zeeman turns this week from yellow to green. Converse knows better than anyone the millennial generation and knows how to get them as well. And Wehkamp increases an engagement with the stupid mistakes of its followers.


  1. Zeeman is turning green.

Zeeman understands that there suppose to be more behind the brand, than just clothing. Last week they have created their book “26 puntjes van kritiek”. Zeeman got to know their customers really well. They combined customers complains in one book, which is available in their stores. But the main idea is way deeper, than the usual complaints of the customers.

Since now, Zeeman is becoming “Green”. It does not mean at all that they leave behind their typical yellow color and repaint their logo. Zeeman have started to position themselves as a brand, who take cares of the environment, people around and implements circular economy. On every question customer has asked Zeeman shows their green views about removing plastic bags from the stores, energy saving, recycling of the materials and sustainable materials.


The circular economy turns negative issues like waste, into positive ones, like value-creating resources. Brands can benefit from it, if they know a way to implement it in their business strategy.

Zeeman also shows how they care not just about their customers, but other people around.  Zeeman has an open communication with the customers, telling everything about the production process, materials and prices. Moreover, Zeeman is giving away for charity the cloths, that were not sold out.

The psychology of the world is changing now. People like the idea of them supporting the brand, who fights for the world. This hero is Zeeman last week, with an engagement increase up to 330%.


  1. Converse knows how to react on the death of a ‘millennial hero’.

Converse understands the millennial generation and their hero’s. New times bring new apps and new idiols. Last week Converse paid tribute to the talented Cody Cohen, a millennial’s idol who tragically passed away being hit by a car. It is unbelievable how many engagements these posts gets.

As we may notice, death of celebrities increases their attention after they pass away. Cody Cohen was not familiar to everyone. From the first look you won’t understand who is this, and why such a big brand pays a tribute to him. It’s just because Converse feels the stream, learns and adapts to the newest trends of millennial generation.

New apps
Cody Cohen was an idol for teens, who are active on the musical.ly app. The 13-year-old boy was struck by a car in Weston, Florida and died from his injuries. He was one of the most popular musers (users of the musical.ly app). musical.ly is a social media platform for creating short singing, dancing, comedy, and lip-syncing videos. Every day, millions of people, mostly youngsters share their 15 seconds videos with the musical.ly community. Cody was one of them, and a popular one, standed out from the crowd with his talent. Cody Cohen still has 470,5K fans on musical.ly and it keeps growing even after his death. He was one of the self made online hero’s who earned a lot of attention with his small video clips on musical.ly. The millennial generation are far ahead from the crowd in using the latest apps. They are creating self made online hero’s. In fact they are selecting their own hero’s. These are no disney clubs hero’s that have been selected by marketing managers.

To pay respect the musical.ly app has created hashtag #Codyday. All of Cody’s fans are creating photo’s and video’s using the #‎CodyDay hashtag to show their love and support. Converse followed the idea and asked to share a photo of Chucks with #‎CodyDay to pay tribute to Cody’s creative spirit. All the young musers, fans of Cody, put their Converse shoes on and filled all the social media channels with their pictures. It is unbelievable how rapidly fast online presence of youth is growing and is a trend becoming nowadays. As a brand you need to adapt to it.

Converse and the millennials
Converse understands this. They are showing respect to him and are getting attention from his young fans. People are tend to say a lot of good words about the deceased just after they are gone. This leads to a very high engagement online. There is even a memorial platform Respectance.com created especially to pay tribute to loved ones. Converse did just this and became one of the best Facebook performers of last week with a 125% engagement increase.


  1. Wehkamp encourages their losers to share and win.

The other way around, Wehkamp found a funny way to approach their fans. Everyone has a hilarious story to tell about what happened with their telephone. You might have dropped it in the toilet or you might have sent a intimate text message to your colleague. Wehkamp calls you out on Facebook to share those funny stories. In return the competitors can win a Samsung S7 plus Samsung’s new VR (virtual reality) glasses. So why not share your little secret and win a new phone? With their newest campaign Wehkamp gets a lot of engagement (up to 115%) and becomes on of the leaders of the last week. They show us that an old fashioned sweepstake campaign still works like magic for your online engagement.

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