Segment your audience with Dark Facebook posts

It might sound ominous, “Dark posts”, but this could be a good solution for your Facebook marketing. Dark Facebook posts allow you to send different Facebook posts to the different segments of your followers. Are you aware of it?

Everyone sees what he wants to see

Let’s say, you sell three different products. Let’s take for example a fashion brand. It sells men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. All of them follow your Facebook. But in fact, men are not interested in the children’s and women’s fashion. Then Dark Facebook posts could be useful for you. Actually, that allows you to access a particular segment of your followers. These posts help to make sure, that men will see cool summer jeans and the ladies will look at the beautiful dresses.

Don’t oversaturate your audience

Of course, you could also sponsor a post. The problem is all your followers will see it. All these likes, comments and shares that you have collected with blood and sweat. Everyone sees all these postings, even if they are not relevant to them. That’s a killer for your engagement. With Dark post you avoid this. No social media pollution, no hassles, higher efficiency and probably a higher conversion.

“Dark posts” in the practice

Our colleague Svetlana weekly measures online activity of 70+ fashion brands in our Social War research. When she visits McGregor Fashion Facebook page, she sees the following post:

Facebook, Fashion, Dark Posts, female view

When our copywriter Freek at the same time visits McGregor Facebook page he sees the next post:

Dark Posts, Fashion, Facebook, Engagement

The best example of the usage and the result of Facebook’s Dark post. Our male copywriter looks at nice male basic Lazy Sunday shirts. While our female Social Media Specialist observes Weekly Style Blog with Nicolette van Dam in her timeline. This is a perfect case study of a fashion brand with the different clothing lines that knows how to keep their timeline 100% relevant to its various audiences.

The use of these posts offers several possibilities. You can segment your audience and target different interest groups. It allows you to release simultaneously micro-campaigns for the men, women and children within your target audience. Moreover, it allows you to be able to make your content more relevant to your audience, what will increase your engagement. You can show additionally relevant photos in your posts to your specific target segments. With Facebook’s Dark posts there are a variety of engagement-enhancing opportunities opened to you.

Use them wisely!

How to Make Dark Posts?

By using the Facebook Power Editor, you will be able to turn on Dark Posts. We will not give you a tutorial. Since there are many of these already. For example, check one here.

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