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Health and motivational apps are becoming more and more popular and it looks like a total new market is evolving. Some of our team members at IIZT use various of these apps and one of our members could really use it to make it to the New York marathon this year. If an app doesn’t help, we will support and motivate her ;)

Apps like Nike+ Fuelband, Endomondo, Runkeeper and more.. all track your training & progress. One of the more advanced apps is Fitbit, that tracks your life – for a better and healthier you.

These devices can be used to track training periods and workouts, however in most cases the primary reason people will always have one with them now is to serve as a motivational tool for everyday living. Especially when they are connected with your social networks. And that’s a great asset for the health industry in order to motivate patients during their recovery process and to prevent fallbacks.

We know the drill, we try to workout three times a week, but often get busy with work or social life, stay seated at our desk and work for long periods, don’t feel like getting out in the rain, or just want to relax and watch a movie.

But there’s hope! There’s yet a new player in the market ;) If you rolled a personal trainer, motivational speaker, and a life coach all into one, you’d get Lift. Lift is a new website and iPhone app from one of the cofounders of Twitter that will help you develop the habits you need to become the person you want to be.

Lift bands its users together into communities by habit. That way, when you decide you need to exercise more, you do so in front of a mass of likeminded strivers. Lift your ass!

Leave a comment and let us know which apps and tools you use? Or do you stick to the traditional ‘Rocky running stairs’ soundtrack?

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