Change is a constant. An update on recent Social Media changes:

Twitter Allows Direct Messages From All Followers:

Until now, you could only send a direct message on Twitter when the other person followed you back. Today you can change your setting so that anyone can send you a direct message even if you do not follow him or her back… How are you going to use this new possibility in your engagement and campaigns?


Go to Settings on your Twitter account and check this box if you’d like to receive direct messages from everyone.

Twitter Announces Scheduled Tweets:

From now on when you use, you can schedule organic or promoted tweets for specific dates and times up to a year in advance.


You can create and schedule new tweets from the blue Tweet button on the top right corner of the navigation bar at

LinkedIn unveiled their new recruiter mobile:

A mobile app that helps recruiters interact with candidates like you, when they’re out and about.

Foursquare opens up ads:

Foursquare is moving past the days when business owners have to figure out if a “like” or a “click” has any meaning in the real world; now they can tell if someone who saw their ad actually walked into their store. All a business owner needs to do is go to and build their ad by choosing a great photo of their space and either offering a special or highlighting a great customer tip.


Pinterest mobile app update:

Pinterest has improved the look of the app a bit, and also added a simple way to browse through pins with just a flick of a finger.

pinterest app iizt

Facebook lets teens share updates publicly:

While users aged 13 to 17 previously could only share posts as widely as “friends of friends,” they now can make a message or photo available to anyone on the service or across the Web, the company said in a post yesterday. At the same time, Facebook will make “friends” the first option for teens sharing items when they join the site, more restrictive than the previous “friends of friends” preset alternative.

friends iizt

Facebook is seeking to keep younger users engaged on the service as it faces competition for the attention of teens, who are often early adopters of new social-media technologies and have spurred the rise of startups including Snapchat, which lets messages or photos that are sent disappear quickly. Facebook last year bought mobile photo-sharing service Instagram, which had become popular with teens.

Facebook to soon roll out new custom audience features:

These new features expand the capabilities of Custom Audiences to allow marketers to deliver targeted ads to people who visited their website or used their mobile app. These new features will roll out globally in the coming months.


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