CEO thinks agencies do not understand business

Agencies and RO

78 out of 100 CEO’s do not believe their agencies take their commercial interest at heart. They’re convinced that the agencies are primarily driven by “creativity” than by business. Well, of course agencies are driven by their own commercial well-being. But when it comes to their client’s business the concern is less evident. This research gives some revealing insights.

Whether this is true or not, the writings are on the wall. The trust of clients in the commercial understanding of their agencies is at a super low. What will this mean? Agencies have to focus on ROI while making new campaigns? Or do agencies have to do a better job in explaining how “deep” creativity will eventually lead to better sales.

At IIZT we proudly present the Return on Investment. We prefer to take the client by the hand and make schedules together to find trends in sales figures, store visits, return visitors etcetera. This brings us to the other side of the medal. Not many clients are ready to jointly register and review their key figures to come up with ROI driven campaigns. One time we even lost a client that was convinced that social media added nothing to sales figures. The first time we really started digging into the actual numbers, the reality was more on our side. Social Media was convincingly important to the sales. That made a powerful advocate to take our input and executions more seriously. The manager preferred to keep his castle intact and did not have the guts to challenge more convictions based on nice words with actual facts. A tough nut to crack, you can imagine how this ended. The decision was not ROI driven either. ;-)

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