G-Star Raw quadruples its online reach by cooperating with Afrojack (Social War #24)

With the G-Star x >Afrojack Limited Edition Sunglasses, two online and offline giants come together. Read this week in our Social War research how these two brands with a huge online fanbase are able to make each other rise to great heights.

Afrojack Men at work

Afrojack as  a designer
In an earlier edition of Social War, we discussed the latest trend to name fashion and music icons as ‘creative’ for different brands as Puma, Polaroid, Blackberry and Intel. In line with these developments, G-Star again includes DJ Afrojack in their campaign. The world famous DJ with a degree in graphic design and a few years of experience as a comic book artist designed clothes for G-Star before. In 2013, Afrojack designed a limited edition capsule collection, which entailed a few sweaters, a t-shirt and a cap. This time, Afrojack is at the base of limited edition sunglasses of which only 300 pieces will be produced.

Afrojack Men at work

If you can’t beat them
Where G-star is a fashion brand that does well online, they especially scored well with the earlier discussed #tightorwide campaign, they aren’t as big as Afrojack online. With over 8 million Facebook fans, Afrojack is four times bigger than the fashion brand. The online collaboration the brands are embarking in, gives them a reach of over 10 million Facebook followers. The Facebook post where Afrojack shows his new sunglasses to his followers scored 97.107 likes and 264 shares.

Afrojack Men at work

G-star also shows their followers their new crownpiece on Facebook, with 830 likes and 57 shares following.

Afrojack Men at work

Engagement increase
In the Social War measurement of May 8th – 15th, the engagement increased with 140%. The cooperating brands Afrojack and G-Star have a combined reach of over 10 million Facebook followers. The introduction of the limited edition sunglasses give their followers something to talk about and they do so eagerly. A perfect example of how two brands can cooperate, and strengthen their message while at it.

Afrojack Men at work

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