H&M doubles its engagement with online loyalty card (Social War #17)

H&M launches its newest online campaign in March 2015, which results in a Facebook engagement growth of over 200%. This week in Social War we discuss how H&M, with a easy accessible and very effective campaign based on a saving system, more than doubles its engagement online.


H&M app
With the H&M club campaign, the brand opens its door for their followers. By simply sending a textmessage to 7777, fans can become a member of the H&M Club, that provides customers with a digital loyalty card. H&M lovers can now become H&M Clubbers in an easy accessible way. With the H&M app, Clubbers can save points with purchases done online and offline. Every spended euro results into one point on the digital loyalty card.


Attractive prizes
H&M makes the saving attractive by connecting beautiful prizes to it. Next to huge discounts, customers can also win access to exclusive designer events in New York or Paris. The clubbers also get access to the H&M Conscious Exclusive line. The needs of sports fans will also be taken care of, as there is a possibility to enroll in a personal clinic by Thomas Berdych in Sweden. And to crown it all, H&M will provide access for a small amount of fans to the headquarters of the brand in Stockholm, including all production units.


Exclusive Access and grown engagement.
With the club, H&M gives their fans access to their brand in an accessible way. H&M rewards their fans for their loyalty with appealing prizes and exclusive access. Their followers respond immediately and in huge numbers. A PTAT growth of 228% was the answer of their followers, right after the announcement of the H&M Club.

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