The 10 top social media performers (Social War/ February)

Social War helps you to build a strong online presence. Learn from the most successful brands.

Previous weeks we were providing you with the weekly outcome of our research. This time we will give you the video review of the month February!

We present you the TOP 10 best performing fashion brands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Here you can find our Top 10 performers of February



The highest Facebook PTAT increases in February

In February brands competed with each other, trying to reach the highest engagement with their audience on Facebook. For some brands it turned out better than others, regardless of their size and popularity. We have measured PTAT (People Talking About This) metric per brand and compared 70 different fashion brands. Here are the Facebook leaders for the last month:

  1. Zeeman                           up to 988,02% PTAT increase
  2. Neiman Marcus            up to 311,90% PTAT increase
  3. Replay                             up to 282,53% PTAT increase
  4. Bershka                           up to 253,87% PTAT increase
  5. G-Star Raw                     up to 187,90% PTAT increase
  6. Dior                                  up to 156,49% PTAT increase

You can clearly see how smaller brands can leave giants of the fashion industry far behind. For example, relatively small Dutch fashion brand Zeeman easily climbed on top of our chart twice and left behind some other big international brands.

Zeeman has presented two campaigns, which could not leave women untouched. Firstly, Zeeman has increased their PTAT up to 137% with “baby campaign”, offering clothes for newborns. But at the end of the month they scored even better with “Trouwjurkcampagne” and generated a PTAT increase of to 988,02%. By presenting a wedding dress for only ‎29,99 Zeeman is changing the stereotypes about expensive weddings. Both campaigns were presented together with TV commercials, which give a deep feeling of happiness. Zeeman is #1 in our Top 10 The highest Facebook %PTAT increases. Ride the wave, Zeeman!

Снимок экрана 2016-02-26 в 12.36.29

Снимок экрана 2016-02-26 в 12.36.41

Neiman Marcus was mentioned twice in our chart of the highest Facebook PTAT increases. At the beginning, Neiman Marcus generated a buzz with #NMBeautyAwards. It made women to give their votes for the favourite products, which leaded to a lot of comments, likes and shares from the fashionistas from all over the world. It gave Neiman Marcus a 132% PTAT increase.  Eventually,  they performed even better and raised their PTAT up to 173,84%, by using the latest social media tools, such as Periscope and Snapchat. Neiman Marcus gave their audience a behind the scenes look at the #NYFW. Good decision, Neiman Marcus. Entertain your audience and raise your engagement!

Снимок экрана 2016-02-26 в 12.36.50

Do you want to know how to use these two tools and benefit from it? Read our Snapchat and Periscope articles.

Replay occupies the third position among the Facebook PTAT best performers with up to 282,53% PTAT increase. As we have noticed, people like the combination of fashion and sport. Replay knows it very well and cooperates with FC Barcelona, providing the team with clothing. These guys are the idols of millions. Replay chose them just right!

Снимок экрана 2016-02-26 в 12.36.58

Read here, how celebrities can make your brand fly sky high online.

The “Reebok for Bershka”  campaign brings Bershka to the 4th place of our Top 10 chart with the highest Facebook PTAT increases. Double effort of two strong brands gives the brand a 253,87% PTAT increase. Again we see fashion is going well with sport. Who says you have to choose?

Снимок экрана 2016-02-26 в 12.37.07

G-Star Raw did a good job and could be found twice in Social War PTAT leaders chart this February. Of course, strong online presence is important, but G-Star Raw didn’t forget about offline side and made Brooklyn happy with a new store. A winning combination! But at the end of the month they have generated an even higher engagement, up to 187,90% increase. G-Star Raw has announced their old friend Pharrell Williams as their new co-owner. Pharrell Williams is creative, purposeful, full of new ideas- the ideal face of the brand!

Снимок экрана 2016-02-26 в 12.37.15

Dior is being the number 6 in our Top 10 of the highest Facebook PTAT increases with their new fragrance “Poison Girl”. Their new campaign #IAMPOISON is starring the seducing Camille Rowe and gives Dior a 156,49% PTAT increase.

Снимок экрана 2016-02-26 в 12.37.24

Let’s move on to TOP 10 the best Facebook performers, based on the number of followers.


#1. Converse                        37,485,456 followers
#2. Victoria’s Secret           26,917,354 followers
#3. Adidas                            26,737,182 followers

Converse is our absolute February Facebook leader with its 37,485,456 followers. Creative, Optimistic, Nice, Very Exciting, Ready for new achievements ,Shocking, Extremely inspiring. But this could change very soon if Converse won’t find a way to gain new Facebook followers. Instead, Converse is losing Facebook fans weekly and compared to the beginning of the month  it has lost 41,316 followers!

Victoria’s Secret has the strongest online presence in all social media channels of our Social War research. Victoria’s Secrets’ angels bring the brand to the second position with 26,917,354 fans. The brand has gained 12,204 new followers this month.

adidas is third in our TOP 10 Facebook of leaders based on the number of followers. With 26,737,182 Facebook followers (+197,183 followers a month)  they are getting closer and closer to Victoria’s Secret. adidas is presently promoting the campaign #future “Your Future Is Not Mine”. You are the one who creates your future. Let’s see how adidas will create their future in March and go to the top of our chart.

Снимок экрана 2016-02-26 в 12.37.33


#1 Victoria’s Secret              9,151,348 followers
#2 Burberry                          5,960,473 followers
#3 Nike                                  5,805,791 followers

Victoria’s Secret is an absolute Twitter leader with a large gap between the #2 brand in our list. In February Victoria’s Secret can celebrate being up to 9 million followers, to be more specific 9,151,348  (+156,570 new). Victoria’s Secret is staying strong on the first place and it is not planning to give it away.

Elegance was in a fight with sport. Nike or Burberry, Burberry or Nike? Eventually, Burberry is going ahead of Nike with 5,960,473 Twitter followers (+ 202,969 new followers). Nike has lost and went down on the third position of our list with 5,805,791 (+66,668 new followers).


#1 Nike                                 37,061,075 followers
#2 Victoria’s Secret            33,553,320 followers
#3 H&M                               12,638,463 followers

In Instagram there is no one who can beat Nike. Nike is our hero. Recognizable style, clear philosophy. That brings Nike to the top of the chart with 37,061,075 Instagram followers. Nike gains 2,659,939 followers in February. Nike-just do it!

Снимок экрана 2016-02-26 в 12.37.39

Here Victoria’s Secret comes again. They are #2 in our list with 33,553,320 followers (+ 1,566,605).

Снимок экрана 2016-02-26 в 12.37.50

We give the third place of our Instagram leaders chart to H&M with 12,638,463 followers (+267,409 followers this month). H&M has to gain at least 20 million followers on Instagram to reach Victoria’s Secret.

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REMARK: Social War does measure the power of social engagement related to current fans and numbers of interaction. This means that the power and quality of posts and performance can be measured and that the huge brands and the smaller brands can be compared. It’s good to know that smaller brands can perform better than the humongous ones. Though we must also say that the brands with the biggest number of followers know very well to stay on top by supplying quality.

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